Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Goodbye, POD-dy Mouth

Yep - that's right.

POD-dy Mouth is calling it quits.

Damn shame.

For those of you who might not know, her main goal was to weed through self-published books and find the gems hidden amongst the slag. The number of books she read and reviewed was staggering - check out her blog, Amazing. And she's found a quite a few gems during her search.

She was a friend to the self-published. Called it like she saw it. Held nothing against an author for being self-published, unless they truly deserved it. Even then, she was honest - not in it to be cruel or to mock - and I think she helped more than one author find a mainstream home.

I'm a little sad to see her rolling up her sidewalk and calling it a day, but from reading her blog, I see she has completely earned it. And I wish her well. I'm going to miss her.

And so will the world of the self-published who have lost a champion.


Lynn Romaine said...

Great site! I love your payout! - Judi

Lynn Romaine said...

"Sorry - I was doing two things at once! I mean layout! Oh well!