Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weird Weather

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days. It was sunny and almost 80 degrees. I dug out my tee shirt and flipflops, took the kids outside. My other half and I took turns chasing our son around and drawing with chalk on the cement with our daughter. Since she'd been so sick (out of school almost all week - her fever only came down Wednesday morning), we let her come out to get some much-needed fresh air. It also gave me a chance to open some windows and let the sick out for good. I'm tired of the sick. It's been a long winter in that respect.

After dinner, my other half and I went outside and just sat in the beautiful warmth. Ah... it was wonderful.

We're expecting almost a foot of snow tomorrow into Saturday.


Ah, New Jersey - gotta love it. We must have the weirdest weather in the world. But it gives me hope that spring (and warm weather) will actually get here. I'm looking so forward to it. NJ summers suck unless you're near the coast. Their winters suck too - cold with a lot of rain and not nearly enough snow. What's the point of cold if there isn't any snow? There is no point! But spring and fall... ah... they are when I am reminded of why I love NJ (aside from the taxes, the crowds, and - in North NJ - the odd smells, NJ ain't half bad!). Nothing beats a New Jersey spring, unless it's a New Jersey fall. Most beautiful place to be is right here...

Here's how I see it -

Fall is beautiful. Spring is beautiful. OK - one really sticky, horrible, wrapped-in-a-wet-blanket-the-minute-you-walk-out-the-door humid day per summer is bearable.

It should snow on Christmas Eve - and not a crummy dusting, either, I mean at least enough to blanket the ground and play in. Christmas-card snow.

Day after Christmas - it should be 72 and sunny until that one godawful summer day. Then the temps can go back to 72 and sunny.

So, who do I see about getting this implemented?


Anyway, I'm kvetching when I should be working. I've been terrible about it all week - what with the sick girl and all. Hopefully we've finished with sick and are ready for healthy.

So, I've gotten a bit of rewriting done on the pirates. I think I've slashed out quite a bit of garbage. It's amazing how much more clearly I can edit when I've had a few months away from a manuscript. Yes. That's right. Months. I haven't looked at this since just after Christmas (I think. Maybe I've peeked once or twice, I don't remember.) And it is just like reading it for the first time. Okay, so I know what's going to happen and all, but my eyes are fresh, and they are catching errors that I missed the previous six times. Yep - seventh rewrite. Woohoo... it's almost done!

But that's how it goes. I spend months researching and writing, and then put it aside. All told, it takes me probably a year to finalize a project and get it ready to go out the door. We're almost there on this one. Whew...


Sarah said...

That's how it was here in KS yesterday it was 77 warm and beautiful (well there was still that good old kansas wind). Today I had to try to explain to my littlest (he will 3 at the end of the month) why he couldn't go outside and play in the 46 degree weather plus it rained. Now I am freezing with 6 layers on. Damn weather.

Kim said...

That's pretty close to how it's been here - breezy but warm on Wednesday and snowy and cold today. And to make it worse, we only got sleet - so we couldn't even go out... My 6-yr old was NOT happy.

It has to get nice eventually :)