Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Birthday - A Few Thoughts!!

Yep - it's official.

This blog is one year old tonight. Ah, a toddler... how grand.

It's funny, but my first post is absolutely stupid and probably the same first post as everyone else in the world -

"Hi. This is new and I don't have a lot to say."

Yep - that was it. Scintillating, ain't it?

But a lot has happened since that fateful night one year ago when I thought "Ah, what the hell? If I don't post again, I can always delete it."

Hee hee.

Well, here I am, a year later. Two books out. Waiting on a third. A newsletter. I went to my first conference. I vented about the murder of an old friend and ranted about rejections. Some of those rants were deleted shortly after being posted, but I did it all the same.

I attended my first writer's conference this year. I judged a few contests. I read comments from people that shocked the hell out of me because they were the last thing I expected to find here (gasp! Someone else is reading this? Cool.)

I received my first fan letter this year. Way cool. I got involved in a few flame wars that carried over from other blogs (First Amendment, anyone?) I was scolded and yelled at in my comments, and I received wonderful words of encouragement from people as well.

I wrote about my husband's crazy family and the wonderful time we had at the reunion in Harrisburg (not counting the car ride, of course!). I went on vacation. My daughter started school and my son turned one as well.

I said goodbye to Barbaro (I still think about him from time to time. Maybe I need another vacation??). I said goodbye to Steve Irwin. I said enough with Brad and Angelina and I bit my tongue to keep quiet about Tom and Katie because, really, who gives a damn??

I made friends from other blogs. Perhaps a few enemies as well, but that was never my intention. But most of all, I liked having the outlet to rant and celebrate and just share. It's been a great year, really.

I hope anyone reading this feels the same way.

Good night!

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