Thursday, April 19, 2007


Do they keep showing that monster who shot up the Virginia Tech campus on Monday? I know psychologists and pyschiatrists and profilers want to get their hands on the videotape and manifesto, but why do they keep flashing that monster's face all over the television? Where is the video of the men and women he gunned down? Why make that jackoff into anything more than he was - a pathetic waste of a life?

I am sorry for his family, but he chose to do this. I'm sorry if he was mentally ill, but I am more sorry for the families and friends of those he mercilessly murdered. He should have never had those weapons - should never have been sold any sort of firearm. And he should not be given this press coverage. Ever. Give that television time to the families, dedicate it to the lives of those he murdered. I don't know a damn thing about any of those 32 people - and I don't want to see that monster doing his bad-ass Rambo thing in front of his camera. I don't care about him. I don't want to see him.

Why not focus on the lives he took? The professor who survived a concentration camp, and Ceaucescau (I know I mangled that name, but he was a monster, too, so who cares?) Why not focus on the students who were trying to educate themselves, and those who taught them?

Can anyone else see what is so wrong with this picture?

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Sarah said...

I had to turn the channel when they started to play that. How horrific for the families of those that he murdered to have to see his face and hear his words over and over. I even have to turn the channel when they show his picture. I am filled with disgust that they just can't stop talking about him.