Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm Not Dead....

Just very busy these last few weeks.

My daughter's home, safe and sound, from Florida. She had a blast at Disney - which I think kind of goes without saying. Still, I'm glad she's home. She's glad she's home. We're all just glad people, I guess.

This is going to be short. On Easter, I hurt my left wrist putting my son in his car seat. I'm left-handed, so I haven't been able to rest it at all, of course, and it's been getting worse instead of better. So, I thought I tore a ligament or snapped a tendon because it really hurt! I sucked it up and went to the doctor this morning. Huge sigh. Nothing is completely torn (partially is still a possibility), but she thought I just strained the muscle in my forearm. Whew. But now I have to wear this wrist splint, and now typing is muy difficult. If it isn't better in a week or so, she wants either an X-ray or an MRI to rule out tears. Keep your fingers crossed.

Now, this really hurts my left shoulder, so I'm wrapping up for now. Hopefully things will all go back to normal very, very soon. I've had enough of the roller coaster for a while. I want the Merry Go Round for a few weeks now!

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Sarah said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you! Hopefully it is just a strain.