Friday, September 28, 2007

Still here...

Yep - a little red-nosed, a little snuffly, but I'm still here. I spent a good part of yesterday sleeping (bless the Boy for being such a good napper!), and the rest of it vegging on the sofa. Thursday nights from September to May are my television nights. Well, okay, I'll admit, I watch Ghost Hunters on Wednesdays, but that's usually in reruns by November. So, Thursday night is my night. I don't answer the phone after eight. I don't do much after eight. It's my one night off. CSI is back, thank God! I love this show - but only the original. I have no use for the others. I could never get into CSI:New York (no matter how much I love Gary Sinise!) and, frankly, David Caruso works my nerves, so CSI:Miami is right out. Give me the original and I'm a happy kid.

And of course, I'm a Survivor junkie. It's too early in the season right now for me to care too much about these people just yet (if it were a novel, I'd have thrown it across the room already), but in time, I should find one or two people to root for. Sometimes it just happens (Rupert, from Pearl Islands, Yao-Man from Fiji) and other times it's two weeks before the finale and I still don't really care who wins.

ER is also back. I watch this out of habit now more than anything else. I hate the new opening and Abby's just about the only character I even care about any more. Not good. I keep hearing this is the last season - of course, I've heard that every year for probably the last five years - so I'll watch until the bitter end. It's the one show I've watched every Thursday since it's debut (was it really that long ago??)

But now it's Friday and, though I'm snuffly and red-nosed, I have work to do. My first edits on Eden's Pass have come from Samhain, so I have that to work on. I'm also waiting for my cover for You Belong to Me from The Wild Rose. And I have a house to pack up. The moving company is supposed to be dropping boxes off (although they haven't yet, grrrr), and when they do, I have to begin packing. The basement (aka the Girl's playroom) is the worst - it's such a mess. I was sooo embarrassed when the guy from the moving company showed up to give an estimate. Of course, my office also looks like a strong wind tore through it, so that was pretty embarrassing as well. I have the grille off my first car (1967 Ford Mustang) that I kept when I junked the car two years ago (sniff... so sad...) and it looks so odd in my office. I almost explained, but figured that sounded just as bizarre. So, the basement and my office will get packed first. Then the main floor, then the bedrooms. So, I've got a lot on my plate now.

But it's all good. I like to keep busy. And I guess I'd better get started on those edits! =)

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