Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back and Buzzin'! (pt. 1)

Yes - I have returned.

What a great conference! The ladies of NJRW should be proud - they put on a wonderful conference and I'm already looking forward to next year's. Of course, I'll be signing at that one (with hopefully two books out by then!), but I'd be looking forward to it even if I wasn't. It's truly a wonderful conference and I highly recommend it.

Now, because there was so much, I'm going to break this down into two posts - so look for the other one sometime tomorrow! =)

DAY ONE: (Friday, October 6)

Unfortunately, I was late in getting to the hotel. Construction slowed Route 1 to a 5 mph crawl and I didn't get there until almost two PM. After I checked into my room and got settled, it was almost 2:30. Also unfortunate is that I didn't get to attend the 2 o'clock workshop I'd wanted to catch.

I spent a half an hour just sitting in my hotel room, enjoying the peace and quiet. Then it was time to hit my first workshop.

Writing Erotic Romance **blushes**

Nope, just kidding about the blush. It was fascinating - and I learned a lot. I tend to write fairly steamy love scenes, and I think they might be just this side of erotic romance. I like to leave a little to the imagination, but not much (hee hee), but what's one person's erotic historical is another's steamy historical. It might not sound like a big deal, but it can affect your placement on a bookstore's shelves and some stores tend to put their erotic genres in weird places (according to the presenter, Elizabeth Amber - some of her books have found their way onto Self-Help shelves. Don't ask me why. She didn't know herself.)

That ended at almost four and then it was on to dinner. I decided to enjoy the solitude (so rare these days) and ordered room service. Worked on the edits for You Belong to Me. Watched the Yankees (grrr - they lost. Again!)

After dinner, time for the Golden Leaf and Put Your Heart in a Book awards ceremony. The Golden Leaf is for published authors, the Put Your Heart in a Book is for unpubbed authors. I will have an entry in the Golden Leaf next year (keep your fingers crossed) and I usually judge in the PYHIAB - so I wanted to be there to see who won.

When that was over it was time for the super-yummy dessert portion of the evening. Unfortunately, I was still full from dinner and kind of tired, so I begged off. Although, I have to admit, everything looked quite tasty. I went back to my room and finished the edits for You Belong to Me. I'm happy to say that they are done, done, done!

When I finished, it was nearly midnight and time to catch some sleep. I knew I wasn't going to make the breakfast the next morning - as it began at 8 and I really wanted to sleep in a little (since I don't really get to do that). It's too bad, Karen Robards was the keynote speaker and I'd have liked to hear her. Maybe next year.

So at midnight, out went the lights and I went to sleep.

tune in tomorrow for a recap of Saturday's events =)

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