Thursday, October 04, 2007

Gearin' Up!

For the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book conference. Ahhh... this time tomorrow night, my brain will be buzzing with the inspiration to write. Okay, yes, there may be a drink or two buzzing around as well, but it will mostly be inspiration.

I love this conference and look forward to it from year to year, but this year, I'm especially looking forward to it. After the last few months, I need the escape and the idea of being surrounded by other writers is the equivalent to a week on a beach for me.

So, I'm off to pack - I'm bringing the two books I'm in edits with (ouch, that is some horrible grammar, ain't it?), and I will attempt to blog from there if I get the chance. I'll have pens and paper for notes, comfy clothes, toothbrush, hair dryer - really, what else will Ineed?

Nothing. I'll hopefully get the chance to meet a few of my fellow Wild Rose and Samhain authors and swap some good stories. Maybe I'll even do a little writing. Who knows? But it should be fun and I'm looking forward to it.

So, guess I better go pack.

Talk to you from the hotel!

By the way, if you're so inspired to leave a comment, please do. I haven't had any in a while and I'm feeling a little lonely! =)


Sarah said...

I could use a little get away from my family. I think they are slowly one by one catching that horrible cold you had. My middle one got it first now my daughter is getting it. Except that her throat, head, ears, and neck hurt. She had a touch of a fever, but I suspect that she will not be going to school in the morning. My middle one has still not completely recovered from it. I guess by the end of the weekend my little one will either have escaped it or will have it. Send help I will have probably lost my mind from lack of sleep by Monday.

Kim said...

Oh, you totally have my sympathy - my kids had it last week and with my husband still recuperating, he's useless so I was operating in zombie-land =)

This conference is the one time I get away without everyone... too bad it's only once a year! =)

I hope it burns through your house quick and the kids are back at full speed before too long!