Monday, October 01, 2007

Everything at once!

How does that happen? And why does it happen?

I'm moving in 19 days (well, almost 18 days, not that I'm counting) and I'm in the midst of packing up the house. On my own, I might add, since my husband's not really supposed to be doing all that much (or so he says. I dunno. I think maybe he's milking it. Well, okay, maybe not.). It's not all that bad, really, I have to admit. I started out on Thursday, down in the basement, and got into a zone. I had good music. I had the basement to myself. The Zone was easy to find. Next thing I knew, the basement (AKA the Girl's playroom) was about 98% packed up. Ten boxes. I moved on to my office. Two more boxes. By then it was midnight. My cold had subsided enough to let me find the Zone, but by the time I'd finished, it came roaring back.

Not a problem. I figured I'd finish up Saturday.

And then it happened.

Everything at once.

Saturday morning, I received the galleys for You Belong to Me. I also received the first edits for Eden's Pass. Then, Saturday afternoon, I received the proof for the cover for You Belong to Me. So now I have two books to edit and a house to pack. How did it go from me having almost nothing to do to having what seems like everything to do?

Ah well... what can you do?

It isn't bad, though. The galleys are there for me to go over looking for typos (already caught one. Not bad, though, since I found it about thirty pages in) so it isn't as though I'll have a major rewrite to do. Whew.

The cover? Well, it wasn't quite what I'd envisioned. I stared at it. And studied it. And brought my husband into the staring and studying. In the end, I had to tell the artist it wasn't quite what I'd envisioned (very nicely, of course. It wasn't a bad cover, I just thought it was the wrong cover for this book). Well, I wrote up a description of what I saw in my mind and now I'm waiting to see what Janie comes up with. I'm sure we'll have a meeting of the minds soon. And when I have a final cover, I'll post it up. I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

As for those first edits, I'll get to them tonight as well. At least I don't have to worry about not having anything to do! I just wish it didn't all come at once. Eek...

On a lighter note, though, I went to the mall to get the kids' Halloween costumes. While I was there, I popped into the Waldenbooks, which is a small store despite the mall size. Just out of curiosity, I wandered over to the romance section, just to see if they carried any Samhain titles.

There were rows of them! So, of course, I'm thinking, how cool will it be to go in there next summer and (hopefully) see Eden's Pass on those shelves? I'd probably just stand there and stare for hours, until security came and asked me to leave.

Well, we'll have to see on that. For now, though, edits and packing await!

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