Friday, November 02, 2007


Ahhh.... here it is - the cover for You Belong to Me. It was done by Jane Wiedenhoefer and I think she did a terrific job!

It's funny, but for each book, I've been given a cover art information sheet - you know, where the publisher asks for your input into the cover design for your book. I'm not an artist, nor am I under the impression that I could ever be one. I just know what colors I like and don't like, and sometimes I have an idea of what I'd imagine the cover should look like. However the reality is that I can never quite convey the image in my mind to that danged info sheet. So, I tend to trust that the cover artist can come up with something we can both agree upon.

I try not to be too picky - again because I assume the professional knows what s/he is doing. There are only a few things I'm adamant about - well, actually only one - and that is that I despise the color orange and do not want it anywhere on one of my books' covers. So far, I haven't had any trouble with that.

This was the second cover concept for You Belong to Me. Now, I'll admit to being a bit partial to traditional "clinch" covers, but I think that's mainly because the romance novels bearing them were the first ones I'd ever read. Sure, they are cheesy, but that's part of what made them what they were. The first concept cover had an image of the hero, but it looked a bit too modern for an historical romance. Still, Jane was extremely patient as we bounced ideas back and forth. In the end, I think she did a great job.

The galleys for You Belong to Me are back in my editor's hands. With any luck, the next read through will produce no mistakes and then, I'll have a release date. Woo hoo!


Elrena said...

Oh, wow! I love that cover -- how exciting!!

Kim said...

Thanks! Jane did a phenomenal job, didn't she?