Sunday, December 02, 2007


It looks as though winter decided to drop by a little early this year. It snowed last night. I love snow - it's the one reason I could never live anywhere that was warm all year round. Oh, in January, when it's 5 degrees out, I think about it, but when it snows that all goes right out the window.

I woke up this morning to see it snowing, hard. Beautiful little flakes that swirled and danced like tiny fairies. The ground was covered, the trees were covered, and the world was just perfect. There is just something almost magical about snow. I love how quiet the world seems, how peaceful it is just to watch those flakes fall. I get lost in them, can just zone out as I stare out the window at it. It's mesmerizing and calming and there is nothing quite like it.

It doesn't usually snow this early - at least not enough to cover the ground. I actually had to dig my snow brush out of the trunk of my car and brush the windows clear before I went out to run my errands. No big deal. I don't mind. I usually don't mind having to shovel, either. When we lived in the townhouse, there was a crew who came out to shovel, but our court was always one of the last ones they'd hit, so more often than not, we'd do it ourselves.

Well, now I have a backyard and woods just beyond, and it all looked like a Christmas card this morning. My kitchen overlooks the backyard, and I came down and poured myself a cup of coffee and just stood there, falling in love with what I saw. It is mornings like this that I'm reminded of just how beautiful a place New Jersey can be. On mornings like this, there's no place else in the world I'd rather be.

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