Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Website Woes...

Argh. Technology.

We don't get along.

Well, we do, but only for very brief periods of time.

Let me catch you up -

Once a day, I go into the mailbox tied to my website. I do it strictly to clean out the spam because I've been directing most people to use my gmail account. I got tired of emailing my web guy to complain about the spam problem (and buh-lieve me, I get some winners), only to have him tell me that the problem should be fixed, only to find that - lo and behold! - the mailbox is once again crammed with spam. (Really, who buys Adobe from an email from SGHEW Q. JONES??)

So, I really don't use that box anymore, but I have to go in and do housekeeping once a day.

Well, on Saturday, I tried to log in. I waited and waited and waited, only to get a login failed message. So I try again. And again. Same thing. So I get off the internet, I get back on, I try to log in.

No dice.

I did this again on Sunday. Nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

By yesterday, my patience was g-o-n-e, so I sent an email to the web guy.

Today, no response. Same freakin' log in message.

Okay, now I'm teed.

Just out of curiosity, I go to my website (which is terribly outdated and static, as I am considering going with a new guy. Can't imagine why, can you??) and instead of getting my website, a banner pops up saying the account has been suspended.

WHAT THE...????

Now, my web guy works with another guy, so I email the other guy, telling him about the initial problem, the lack of response, and, by the way, WTF is up with the site being suspended???

He responded, Thank God, and said he'll look into it. So now I have to wait.

Well, as I was waiting, I began to think. I should've been writing, as I started on a new book earlier this week, but who could concentrate?

So I began to think.

And this is what I wondered:

I have a blog (duh) and a MySpace page - both of which are up-to-date and kept relatively current. Do I even need a website. I can pretty much do the same things with the blog and MySpace page that I ever did with the website. And no spam.

So, anyone who cares to offer up advice or a suggestion, I'd love to hear it. Do you think a website is really necessary, and worth the expense, or would the blog and MySpace be enough? I'm still undecided (especially since I don't know why the heck my site was suspended in the first place. Somehow, I don't think I'm going to like the reason), so chime in, won't you?


Anonymous said...

I would keep the website. Right now, I own my domain name and it says "coming soon" on it. That is for when - someday, God willing - I have published novels to talk about. In the mean time, I have a blog.

But since you do have the novels coming out, I would keep the site. Don't do something huge. You don't need flashy graphics, you don't need pictures of everything from your "writing space" to your cat, just something basic with a homepage, a bio page, a "published works" page, a "coming soon" page and of course the "contact the author!" page.

Just a thought. :)

Kim said...

The only problem is that I don't control the site - believe it or not, I pay for this nonsense. Yep... or I DID pay for it. Grrr... if I did it myself, I wouldn't be having this problem, which is the most frustrating thing of all.

But there's one vote for keep! =) One lonely little vote - but thanks for taking the time - I appreciate it! :)

Owl Hat said...

When I visited the site kimberlynee.com it loaded really slowly.

I would definitely keep the domain name and the basic design of your site but I would change my web hosting company ASAP.

Kim said...

Thanks for the info - unfortunately, I've paid up through April (or maybe March. I'd have to check) so I really don't want to start over just yet.

My computer guy's got a new web guy - so we'll see in the meantime... Oy. And this is supposed to make my life easier?? =)