Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Excerpt! You Belong to Me ~ Chapter Two

As promised, here is the second excerpt from You Belong to Me.

At the end of Chapter One, Brenna's been rescued from rape by Viscount Halstead, only to be kidnapped by Tony and Jackson... we catch up with her as she's being taken from her home...


Brenna wanted so much to scream, but knew it would be pointless. The quilt was hot and dusty, and she thought she just might choke on the musty odor assaulting her nose. She lost track of time in that bloody quilt, listening to one of the rummage about in her wardrobe.

Then the floor fell away. From the distant sound of Jackson's voice, she knew Tony held her and did so none too gently, simply tossing her over his shoulder like a sack of wool. She didn’t know where they were going, but knew they were moving down the steps. Tony's shoulder bounced into her ribs with every step, making breathing almost impossible.

They moved without a sound, and the only way she knew they were outside was by the soft nickering of horses.

Dear Lord! They were snatching her from her home!

You ninny! she thought with a muffled groan. Why didn’t you fight back? You simply let them bind you and snatch you away, like a lamb taken off to the slaughter.

Of course, if these men were taking her on Charles’ orders, something worse than Halstead could await her. No. She’d not go quietly then. Not a’tall. Her arms trembled as she tugged and pulled at her bonds. The rope scraped her skin, burning as she twisted this way and that. It was all for naught. With her wrists tied firmly behind her back, and the quilt so tight about the rest of
her body, she couldn’t move much. As it was, she could barely breathe. Her heart hammered against her ribs, which refused to yield enough to take a deep breath, and a wave of dizziness slammed over her. Closing her eyes, she relaxed, sagging over Tony’s and prayed and prayed
she’d not lose consciousness.


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