Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ooops! I Forgot...

Boy, am I a little red-faced here tonight...

It was brought to my attention that between the first and second excerpts of You Belong to Me, I failed to realize that main characters were introduced at the end of the first chapter. Sooo... for anyone reading, I'm sorry if there was any confusion as to who Tony and Jackson are. They just suddenly appeared in the second excerpt, without rhyme or reason. Say it with me now, "Bonehead!" (me).

So, to catch you up, here is a list of players from You Belong to Me ~

Brenna McIntyre - The heroine

Viscount Halstead - the villain

Tony Radcliffe - the hero. An American in Ireland looking for a bit of adventure and winding up with a lot more than he bargained for.

Jackson - Tony's best friend and his partner in crime.

Dara McIntyre - Brenna's mother

Charles McIntyre - Brenna's rotten stepfather

I think those are the only ones who we've happened across. When/if any new ones pop onto the scene, I promise this time, I'll let you know who they are...

I'll be posting the third excerpt from You Belong to Me tomorrow - so drop me a comment to enter for your chance to win April's contest! (Besides, I like getting comments. =))

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