Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reviews and a Contest!

Ahh... reviews...

It's always kind of nerve-wracking for me to wait for reviews. What writer wants to read that someone didn't like her book?

But when it's a good review.... ahhhh... that's something that can brighten any gloomy day.

Well, the reviews are starting to come in for You Belong to Me and so far, they have definitely brightened a few gloomy days! =)

Snapdragon at Long and Short Reviews gives You Belong to Me 4 out of 5 books. And here's a little snippet of what LASR had to say about it - "You Belong To Me," is beautifully written, fast-paced, with lively dialogue and intriguing relationships. Emotions, run the gamut from terror to relief, anger and annoyance to love, lust, and more; Nee manages to convey all plausibly. The storyline, which starts off in a comfortably familiar vein, rapidly becomes completely unpredictable.

You can read the review in its entirety at Long and Short Reviews .

Meanwhile, over at The Romance Studio, Brenda Talley gave You Belong to Me 4 1/2 out 5 hearts and had this to say: The sensual action was intense and attention-grabbing. It was not, however, distasteful. The trip across the sea was full of action but the action did not stop when they reached the American soil. The storyline presented here was beautifully written and spell-binding. I had a hard time putting this book down.
I can highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a love story with suspense spliced throughout. Conflict was another serious issue because I didn’t even
tell you about Tony’s at-home girlfriend, Charlotte. You will be glad to read this story.

Read this review in its entirety at: The Romance Studio.

These made my day - it's always so nice to hear someone's enjoyed one of my books.

So, with that in mind, I'm running a contest for the month of April. Entering is a piece of cake. Beginning today, and running through April 30, 2008 - leave me a comment here to have your name entered. The winner will receive a copy of You Belong to Me along with another title of your choice from The Wild Rose Press. The more you enter, the greater your chances (and I like getting comments, as well! =))

So happy reading and good luck!

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