Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reality Shows that Don't Suck

Okay - this is a totally non-writing-related post, but who cares?

I'm hooked on reality shows.

But not just any reality shows. You can keep your rock stars (or has-been rock stars,for that matter) searching for love (oy), and your Dancing with the Stars (not knocking it, I just don't watch it.) I don't care about the cooking shows (though I hear that one guy is a really... ahem... jerk...) It all began with Ghosthunters.

And then....

Discovery Channel got me.

It started with Mythbusters (really, how cool is a show where they blow all kinds of stuff up??). Then it was Dirty Jobs (tell me Mike Rowe isn't just make-your-knees-weak smokin'?!?!).

Well now, there's another.

Deadliest Catch.

Be still my heart.

These guys are nuts! They have to be. But mostly in the good way, of course.

I started watching this show last weekend, when Discovery basically ran nothing but past episodes to gear up for the new season.

Sucked me right in.

Here's the basics for those of you who've not yet discovered this great little show:

These guys are crab fisherman. In the Bering Sea.

You've got Sig Hansen - captain of the Northwestern

Keith Colburn - captain of the Wizard

Phil Harris - captain of the Cornelia Marie

Johnathan Hillstrand - captain of the Time Bandit (and my favorite. The guy's just too adorable, really.)

You couldn't pay me enough to do what these guys do. It's one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with backbreaking work in brutal conditions... It's incredible to watch, not something I'd want to take part in.

Go - watch - you'll see...

pssst - Tuesdays, 9PM, Discovery Channel

Trust me, you'll thank me =)

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