Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ahhh... Technology

But for once, this isn't a rant. It's more of a rave.

Last May, I replaced my old laptop - the hard drive was just waaaaay to small (15 gig, believe it or not - teeny tiny). So, I bit the bullet and replaced it.

The guy who sold it to me told me it was wireless-capable. Okay. I know nothing about things like that, and it really wasn't a selling point for me, since I didn't have a wireless router. But still - good to know, right?

Fast forward to last October. When we moved into the new house, we had to have a DSL installed. No big. The guy came and spent a good part of the day all over the house. But when he was done, yahoo! Internet access for the first time in days.

Well, the DSL came with a wireless router. Cool. Now I didn't have to fork over the bucks to get one - not to mention that I didn't actually have to go and buy it, since I'm a techno-moron and never know what those salespeople are talking about anyway. But, DSL guy told me, you're going to need a wireless card.

Hmmm... that jogged my memory about the fact that the computer had one built in. So I tell Mr. DSL, who taps a few keys on my laptop and proceeds to tell me "No. You don't have one."


I figured I'd get around to a wireless card - eventually.

Fast forward to yesterday. I don't know what made me think of it, but it occurred to me to go and look for myself. I used the Microsoft help thingie, waded through a bunch of menus and ta-da! I found that Mr. DSL was wrong. There is a wireless card already installed on this machine.

So, long story short, I figured out how to set up the wireless - so now I can surf from anywhere in the house. Yahoo! I've already tried my room (how cool - checking email while lounging out on the bed?), the kitchen (hey, you never know when you'll need a recipe from Food Network NOW!), and the family room (can surf and watch TV - total couch potato-ness achieved!). I haven't tried outside yet - but it's beautiful out, so maybe I will later today.

This is so cool. I feel like a total cyber-geek, but I love it!

For once, technology didn't blow up in my face (thanks to a few very knowledgeable people over at Absolute Write!) and now, I can actually leave my office and yet still get stuff done.

Ah.... life is good! =)


Seeley deBorn said...

Woo hoo! Congrats on the wireless victory!

I was thrilled the day I got mine. Now I have to figure out how to network my laptop, The Man's, and the desktop in the basement all together. Then, full geekery will be acheived. ;)

Kim said...

It's sooo cool being out back on the deck and hanging out at Absolute Write... or wherever.

For now, technology rocks!

Good luck on the networking - I'd be pushing my luck with that!~ =)