Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Lazy Sunday

Since I wrapped up my newest manuscript Friday, and have been working on putting the final touches on another one to get to my editor (hopefully) by the end of the week - today is going to be a totally lazy day. Sure, I'll get back to the polishing tonight - but until then...

It's a beautiful, sunny day. The Girl's been in the pool for about 1/2 an hour already and the Boy's been walking around saying, "Suit?" "Pool?" "Our Pool?" ever since she went out, so I guess I'll have to make the sacrifice and take him in the pool.

And since it's such a beautiful day (though it might be sticky out, I haven't ventured out just yet), we're doing a cookout, with burgers and dogs, macaroni salad, baked beans - all that stuff. So I guess I should go make the macaroni salad, now that I'm thinking about it. And we'll try to coax my brother and niece to come over for the afternoon. All in all, it should be a pretty nice afternoon.

And tonight, it's back to the grind once more.

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