Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Looooong Night

It's been raining, pretty much nonstop, since 4PM yesterday afternoon. My backyard is a swamp, the pool never got vacuumed, so it's really gacked up now, and the kids can't go outside to burn off some of their little-person energy. Ugh.

But to make it worse, I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep and the half-and-half went funky, so I have to drag myself out to the store to buy a new container if I want any (more) coffee.

Don't you just hate those nights?

You know the ones - you're tired, but your brain just refuses to shut off to let you go to sleep. And the more you think about how you need to get to sleep, and that you aren't sleeping yet, the more awake you become - those nights.

Had one last night.


I knew I had to be up relatively early, since one of the Boy's therapists comes today, and she's usually here by about 8:45. So that means I have to be up and dressed and had my coffee and gotten the kids up and dressed and fed and watered. Which is enough on a night when I've had a full eight hours of sleep.

Which I didn't last night.

I was working on a new story, lost almost an hour trying to look something up that I never did find an answer to, and finally, at about 1AM I threw in the towel. I was tired and just wanted to crawl beneath the covers and sink my tired little head into my fluffy huge pillow.

Yeah. Right.

Two AM rolls around and now, not only am I still wide awake, but the Boy is crying. I'm not asleep anyway, so I might as well go check. Get up. Go to his room. He doesn't need to be changed. His toys are all where they belong in his crib. Turn on his music box and rock him until he gets quiet. No big. He's all snuggly-like, so it's not the worst way to spend time, even if it is the middle of the night.

Put him down, cover him up, kiss his nose, and pad back to bed. Where now my husband's taking his half out of the middle of the bed, has wrapped the sheet all around him like a giant burrito, and has taken my big, fluffy pillow. Again.

I unroll him, make him shove over, and steal back my pillow. Under the covers. Head on big, fluffy pillow, sheet pulled up. Ready to go to sleep. Ahhh....

Three AM. I'm staring at the clock, after spending the last hour thinking about the first love scene in the new story. I'm not there yet, but maybe I'll write the scene anyway because I have it all planned out and I might as well get it on paper, right. And now the Boy is crying. Again. He's been crying for the last 10 minutes, but I've been hoping he'll go back to sleep. No such luck.

Back out of bed, down to his room. Doesn't need to be changed. Music on. Rocking him. All snuggly-like, but not nearly as cozy now, since I need to get up in 4 hours. Ugh. Put him back down. Cover. Kiss nose. All's well. Go back to bed. Rain's hitting the roof, sounds nice. It'll lull me to sleep.

Four AM - Still listening to the rain, which is falling down on the job. Other scenes writing themselves in my head. Boy's crying again. This time for about fifteen minutes.

Down to his room. Diaper-check. Music on. Toys where they belong. Why won't he just go to sleep?!? grrr... Rock. Kiss. Tuck. Back to bed. FINALLY fall asleep. Only to wake up at 5AM, 5:45AM, 6:30AM, and 7:15AM - where I decide sleeping just isn't going to happen. But the Boy's quiet from 4AM on, so at least one of us got some sleep. The Girl snoozes until almost 9.

So now I'm tired and all out of sorts because of it. I don't know how much writing I'll actually get done, but if nothing else, I should sleep real well tonight. I just hope the boy does as well.


Sassee B said...

Yeah, I know those nights. I hate those nights. You get halfway through the next day, can finally sleep, but you don't because you're in the office and they generally frown on that when you're supposed to be working. And then if you *do* manage a nap, you wake up with that sleep headache and feeling worse than before the nap. Heh. I don't have those nights. Not me. Never. *shifty eyes*

Kim said...

Or you finally get the kids down for naps, and decide to take one yourself. Only to find that you still. can't. sleep.

Of course, the flip side is - I slept great LAST night! =)

Marian said...

The nose-kissing part is really sweet.

What do you do if he has a cold, though?

Kim said...

When he's sick, I drag the rocking chair from my daughter's room, and the Boy and I sit and rock until he goes to sleep soundly enough for me to move him to his crib. One night, we fell asleep in the chair, and I woke up with such a crick... but it was nice as well - just snuggled with him. And I didn't drop him - who knew I had such a death grib when I was sound asleep?!? ;)

Marian said...

I was wondering if you'd still kiss him on the nose if it was runny. :)