Monday, July 07, 2008

A (Somewhat) Working Vacation

Ahh... just got back from a long weekend visiting my in-laws at the Jersey shore. It was nice, except the weather didn't really behave all that much. Oh well. What can you do?

My husband and the Girl went down a few days early, since the Boy was supposed to have a therapy session on Thursday. The therapist rescheduled, but I thought it would be nice to have a few days, just me and the Boy, so I sent the other two down ahead of us. And it was perfect. The Boy and I had a blast playing on the swingset and swimming in the pool. They were two of the most perfect days ever and I almost didn't want to go to the shore because of it. I had the bed to myself, I could watch what I wanted on television without having to wait until midnight - it was great!

But, I wanted to see my in laws, so....

Off we went on Friday.

Yep. I went down the shore on the Fourth of July.

But it worked out - we left later than I'd originally planned - which is kind of how it always works, since trying to get out of the house without forgetting something (which wasn't 100% successful, either) is a major project... I left at about noonish, when I'd planned to be on the road by ten.

Still, we were waaay behind the holiday traffic, so it was smooth sailing.

Now, I've been pushing to get this book revised entirely and off to my editor, and so far it's been really working my nerves. I'm hoping to have it out by Friday and figured I could use part of the weekend to work on it.


Or so I thought.

It's tough stealing time down there to work - since there's always a lot of family coming and going (my husband's family is huge and very close-knit.) It's even worse trying to do revisions because it's my habit to rewrite a chapter and print it out. It just seems weird to rewrite and not have a hard copy to look at. So, long story short, I didn't get a damn thing done on it over the weekend. On the flip side, I did get a chapter and a half written of my current WIP, so it wasn't a total loss. And I made a very important discovery - it is impossible to write a love scene with your 12 year old nephew in the room, trying to sneak peeks over your shoulder. Nope. Can not be done.

We got back around noonish today and I spent the majority of the afternoon slogging through email (set my loops to digest, but yahoo lurves messin' with me and for whatever reason, did not make the change. Maybe I forgot to hit save. Who knows?) in three different accounts (gah!), caught up on a few other things, the Boy had another therapy session at four and by the time we finished dinner, it was bedtime. Sooo... my free time came at 9PM. And I am just too. damn. tired. I'm working on a blanket for the Boy, so that's what I'm doing when I should be finishing these revisions. I'm so close to being done - about 2/3rds of the book is just the way I want it.

So, keep your fingers crossed that I can make my self-imposed deadline. My editor knows it's coming, but she's patient. When I get it in, I get it in. Thank God for small favors!

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