Monday, August 25, 2008

The Party's Over...

Am I the only one who feels a little sad when the Olympic Games end?

I watched most of the closing ceremonies last night (but missed the extinguishing of the flame, if you can freakin' believe it!), and when it was over, I felt a little... sad. I love the whole ideal behind the Olympics and the sportsmanship (for the most part - some of the athletes were arrogant a-holes and some had the mentality of three year olds) and just the pride that comes with watching Team USA.

But at the same time, I'm kind of glad it's over. Now my hiatus from writing is over and I'm antsy to get back to work. I can get back to blogging more regularly (though my list needs to be added to, since I've done a few things off it already.) I'm looking forward to getting back to writing on a regular schedule. The break did me well - I worked on a few knitting projects, let a few ideas stew in my brain - and now I'm ready, and rarin' to go.

And school's right around the corner. The Girl goes back next week (woo hoo!) so that means life will have some calmness to it. But back to school also means Girl Scouts, CCD, and whatever other activities she chooses. It'll be busy, to say the least, but it's more of a controlled chaos - which I do well with, for the most part.

I've always loved this time of year because I know the cool weather is coming (I've already made the appointment to have the pool closed), and that means the new television season is upon us as well. I'm not a huge TV watcher - mostly just Thursday nights - but this season means a few things -

1. ER's last season - finally. I've watched this show since the very first episode. NBC should've pulled the plug after Mark Greene's death in '02. Now, I'm just waiting to see if Abby was killed in the explosion. I'm not really hoping one way or the other, because as far as I'm concerned, she got her happy ending, and that was what I cared about, since she was/is my favorite character. She and Luka reconciled, she was clean and sober - if she was killed, she died happy and that's okay by me.

I kind of hope Sam was in the ambulance, because she just annoys me, but I think it's Pratt. I've heard that Mekhi Phifer was leaving the show. That's too bad because I like him and can't stand Sam. To tell the truth, I kind of wish John Stamos' character was in the ambulance as well. George Clooney he ain't and he annoys me as much as Sam.

2. CSI - EEK! William Petersen's leaving. CSI without Gil Grissom? Inconceivable! Especially with Warrick getting killed off in the finale last season. ACK! I'll watch, and it won't be the same, but I hope it stays good (it kind of jumped the shark last season with the movie-set murder episode - but it held on.)

3. Survivor - Yes, I admit, I watch this show. Last season was kind of meh for me. The last season I really loved was probably Pearl Islands, with Rupert. Versus network reran it a few years ago, and I watched it, just because it was so enjoyable. Since then, I can pretty much take it or leave it - though the show has taught me geography, so that's a plus.

4. Ghosthunters - Thank GOD! I watch the International version, but blech. I just keep waiting for the episode where Robb finds his personalty, but it hasn't happened yet. But the original? I loves me some Jay and Grant!

And that's kind of it. Rescue Me and Reaper won't be back until next year (#$%$@@^) - so these are pretty much it when it comes to shows I Don't Miss.

Guess that means more time for writing! Yay for writing! =)

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