Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Musings

I originally wrote a post about John Edwards and why I don't think this story is newsworthy. But then I decided it was a huge waste of time and had turned into a very angry rant. I don't often discuss politics here, or personal beliefs, simply because I want this to be relatively light-hearted and (hopefully) interesting. I wanted readers to like reading because it makes them smile or maybe I've been able to share something I've learned about writing and publishing, or something along those lines. I'm not about to get up on soapboxes - for the most part. I will admit to an occasional lapse, though. =)

So, I'm going to stick to my original hope and plan for this blog and stay away from certain things. I like to describe this blog as readers feeling like they are chatting with a friend, just shooting the breeze, and that hasn't changed. I will be glad when this election's over because I've had it up to here with the negative nonsense as it is. I'll not say which candidate I'm favoring, and I don't know if I will divulge which candidate I vote for when November rolls around. This blog isn't political and I want to keep it that way.

On that note, let's talk a little more Olympics, shall we?

Go Michael Phelps. I love watching him swim. Amazing.

Go Dara Torres. Forty-one years old and competing in her fifth (I think) Olympics. And she's a clean athlete as well! Now there's a role model for girls. Go Dara!

Go Misty May-Trainor and Kerri Walsh - Awesome. Simply awesome

Go Team USA for Men Gymnastics - I just wish they'd stick their landings a wee bit better. But my God, my palms sweat when I watch them flip around on the bars and the rings. Holy... Well, you know...

Go Team USA for Women's Gymnastics - I must confess, I don't know who any of them are off the top of my head, but I can't WAIT to watch them tonight.

And that's it for now. I'm taking a little break from writing for the next 16 days, but there will be plenty of Olympic related stuff. I just don't know exactly what, thought...

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