Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ah... Life...

Did you ever hurt yourself and not know how you did it?

I have.

Just recently, actually.

But first, a little background info. My knees are in terrible shape and have been since I was 14. In gym class (playing flag football, of all stupid things) I stepped in a hole and tweaked my right knee. I ended up tearing cartilage and had surgery on it when I was 15.

Fast forward - now I have two creaky knees and the left one is getting creakier by the moment. This past Friday night, I'm sitting on the sofa, working on my laptop, when my left knee starts killing me. I mean, the pain is excruciating - a sudden, sharp burn stretching from the top of my shin to the bottom of my thigh. Now, this normally happens when I sit with my legs bent for too long (one of the main reasons why I no longer go to the movies. I can't stand the pain after about 15-20 minutes). And if I straighten my leg, pain eventually fades away.

Well not this time. I've been gimping around since Friday night. My knee is puffy and sore to the touch as well. I tried an Ace bandage on Saturday. Nope. I've been using IcyHot wraps every night. Nope. I've been taking Tylenol PMs like crazy just to sleep. According to my husband, I'm actually groaning with pain in my sleep (when I sleep, anyway. I haven't slept a full night since Thursday.) It's that bad.

Enough is enough. Time to call the doctor. I'm pretty stoic when it comes to pain (I was in labor with my daughter for about 8 hours before my husband even knew. And after we got to the hospital, even the nurses were amazed at how calm and coolheaded I was - what good would it do to scream and yell? Certainly wouldn't make it hurt less, right???) but I've had enough. I'm tired of it. It's time to find out just what's wrong.

Keep your fingers crossed that it's relatively minor.

But major enough for a good painkiller =)

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