Saturday, September 06, 2008

Colds, Writing, and Hanna

So, it's a rainy Saturday, and I'm in my office trying to get some writing done. I'm still dealing with this cold, which taking forever to go away, and every time I turn around, I've got a little person in my office.

Isn't that funny? Daddy's watching football and the little people leave him alone. Mommy's trying to get some writing done, and suddenly I'm the most popular person in the world. It's driving me crazy and making me wish we weren't in the middle of this tropical storm/hurricane, because at least then I could take my laptop and head to Starbucks or someplace where I'd get some alone time.

Does that make me the meanest mom ever because I want some time strictly to myself during daylight hours? That I don't want to be the entertainment simply because neither one of them can find anything better to do?

Well, for the moment, the Girl and the Boy are playing peacefully. I don't expect it to last very long, so I should try to get as much writing in as possible...


Marian said...

Stick 'em in front of the television set. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh I hear you sister.
I too have one of each and they are always under foot.
It makes it challenging to carve out writing time.
But it must be done!
Hope you feel better.