Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

I'm baa-aaack! Didja miss me?? ;)

Okay, think I'm over the stinging suckiness of rejection and ready to start all over again. Writers have more than a little masochist in them, we have to, because there's no other rational explanation for why we set ourselves up time and again. There's just no other explanation at all, actually.

But, I'm soooo over that now. Time to focus on the here and now, right? My current WIP is coming along smoothly. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the first draft and things are working out fairly well. I just hope it stays that way. I did do a bit of research on the history of billiards last night and learned more than I ever thought possible. It's funny, how I comb through pages upon pages of facts and information, and all because I needed to know three teensy things - what were billiard balls made of (ivory), what colors were they (red, and either blue or yellow), and how many were used in a game (and that number escapes me at the moment - it's 2 or 3 - I got it right in the book. That's what matters.) So it's all cruising very nicely.

I go back to my ortho on Thursday. The Lodine basically did nothing, so I'll probably have an MRI done next. Then we'll at least know what's going on with this stupid knee...

The Boy is aging out of his Early Intervention. We had our last session with his speech therapist and with his occupational therapist yesterday. It's hard to believe how far he's come - from not speaking a single word in March to now speaking 3, 4-, 5- word sentences... Amazing. He goes for an evaluation on the 27th for the next phase, which is a preschool set up for kids with sensory issues, which is what the Boy has. This school will help deal with (and hopefully help him work through) all those sensory issues, which have greatly lessened since we began EIP and so should be gone by the time he's ready for kindergarten.

Today is the Boy's birthday - my little man's 3 already, which just doesn't seem possible. We're doing his party on Saturday, but he'll have a little fuss made over him today as well. He's hopelessly addicted to the Pixar movie Cars, so we got him a Mack, which holds 15 cars (some of them are characters he doesn't have yet, so that's cool.)

The Girl's involved in Girl Scouts (well, Brownies) now - and I spent an hour ironing patches onto her vest. It took me a few minutes to find the iron and the ironing board (I'm amazed I didn't pitch them when we moved, as I suck at ironing and have only ever ironed maybe twice in my life) and it took a few attempts to get these patches to stick, but I think I (finally) got it.

And that's pretty much all for now... time to get back to writing. I'd hate to lose the momentum I've got going... =)

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