Saturday, October 18, 2008

Knees and Birthdays

How that for a combo? Well, that's pretty much what my week's revolved around. My knee and the Boy's birthday.

So, I went for the MRI yesterday. Why didn't anyone tell me how freakin' noisy those things are? Yikes, I could hardly hear myself think and that was with the headphones they gave me to wear. Egads, it was like lying on a subway track, only without the threat of imminent death.

Fortunately, I went in feet-first and only to the shoulders. I was looking up at the tube opening, but could still see the ceiling of the room, so I was good to go. No claustrophobia there. Whew. And the tech gave me headphones to put on so I could listen to music. Frank Sinatra. I was a little surprised, but since I like Frank, it was okay. I had on nice cozy flannel pj bottoms (gotta love technology - they could shoot right through the flannel. Nothing better than being able to go somewhere in your pjs and not feel too weird about it. Especially since these have skiing penguins all over them. I got a few looks, but I think people were admiring the skiing penguins...)

So I was listen to Frank - well, trying to listen, anyway. But then the MRI started and there's all this humming and buzzing and clanging and banging. So I could sort of hear, but not really. Then Frank went away and I had classical music. Now, I don't mind classical, so that was also okay. But it was making me kind of drowsy, so I'd close my eyes and think, "Hmm.... maybe I'll take a little nap." (Because as long as you stay as still as possible, they don't care what you do in the tube.)

So, I'd close my eyes....

My mind would wander...


And I'm back in the present for a moment. Then I'd close my eyes...

My mind would wander....


And I'm back in the present.

Well, then the test ended and it was time to go home. I go back on Monday to pick up the films (or whatever they are) and I'll look at them, like I really know what I'm looking for, and then I wait to do back to the ortho. He'll look, and since he really does know what he's looking for, I should know real soon whether or not I'll be having surgery.


So, that was yesterday.

Today we had the Boy's birthday party. His birthday was Tuesday, but we had his party today. Nothing big, just the family. He was thrilled with the toys - the kid is seriously hooked on the movie Cars and everything having to do with it - we have just about every Cars toy in existence and he's "happier than a tornado in a trailer park," to quote Mater the Tow Truck. Trust me, I watch this movie three times a day - I can quote it almost verbatim.

It was nice, even if it was just a small gathering. Soon enough I'll have a dozen kids running through the house, screaming like banshees, so I'll enjoy the small parties while I can. As for now, he was happy playing with his cousin, who's only 8 months younger. They are really cute together, and I've been trying to convince my brother and his wife to buy a house in our neighborhood. I'd love to see the Boy and Cousin grow up together. Right now, they are just full of squee-moments, it's too cute for words, really.

Needless to say, I've gotten about three words written since Thursday. But that's okay. I did a little work on the blanket I'm working on (finally finished the Boy's about a week ago and I'm doing another one now. Two other ones, actually... yikes...).

I watched The Ring last night. First time I'd ever seen it and it creeped me out. I mean it really. Creeped, Me. Out. It was great. See, I hate horror movies that are nothing more than stupid girls running around topless and people getting sliced and diced. That's not really scary. Gore does not equal scary for the most part. To me, I'm of the Alfred Hitchcock type of horror - the anticipation and suspense - that is scary. And that's what this movie had. Tons of "what's going to happen next....?" And some genuine creep thrown in for good measure. I would've slept with the lights on, except I'd put the TV on and it is easier to see if the room's dark. But I didn't sleep well, I can tell you that much.

And tonight DH and I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was okay, but Harrison Ford is really starting to show his age, which is kind of sad. I had such a mad, fat, HUGE crush on him after seeing The Empire Strikes Back when I was what? Nine? Egads, he was.... wow.... To this day, I shut off Empire after they freeze him. I mean, what's the point of watching it once he's out of the picture?

So this one was okay - but my favorite will always be The Last Crusade. Love that movie. Shia LeBouef (is that how it's spelled???) was okay, but he will never replace Harrison. Ever.

Okay - time to go take some Tylenol for the old, creaky, possibly ripped-up knee. Hopefully, I'll sleep better tonight. Keep your fingers crossed. The knee's been waking me up regularly for over a month now. It'll be such a relief to actually know what's going on with it...

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