Saturday, November 29, 2008

Technology (Yet again)

Aha, betcha thought this was (yet) another "why-does-technology-hate-me?" kind of post, right?


Actually, this is a more of a yay-for-technology post (even though technology will kick my ass every chance it gets, and we all know it.)

In addition to my blog (which I manage to keep relatively updated) and my MySpace page (in which only the blog is updated - and I'm not even sure that counts, since I basically cut-and-paste from this blog), and the three (yes, three - I gotta be nuts) email addresses, I have since undertaken yet another sort of technology.


I don't know how it works, exactly. I know I have a Christmas tree and a Sea Garden - and both have stuff in and/or on them. But I don't really know how I got them or why. I know I have a few friends (some of those friends have friends that number in the hundreds! I don't think I even know hundreds of people!) I know I can update what I'm doing, and I do at least once a day.

But what's amazed me about it (though it is technology and therefore automatically out to get me) is that people I haven't seen or spoken to in nearly twenty years (gasp, gulp!) have found me on it. And what's more? I've been in touch with them - like messages and stuff and catching up on the last twenty (gasp, gulp!) years.

It's been interesting, the feeling of nostalgia when I look back at some of the pictures some people have posted, or when I think back to a certain group of people and the stuff we used to do. It's kind of weird to think so much time has passed, and yet, it doesn't seem possible that so much time has passed.

So in this case, technology is my friend. It's led to reconnecting with some old friends. And I haven't blowed it up yet, so that's also a plus. I know eventually it'll turn on me (all technology turns on me eventually), but for now, I'll just enjoy it.


Lauren said...

I completely know what you mean about facebook. I love reconnecting with old friends. Once you have it for a while it's easier to build up your friend list because you'll add someone that you hang out with upon occasion that normally you'd lose contact with.

Kim said...

I'm getting to that point - and it's been pretty cool to catch up with old friends... makes me wonder how we all lost touch in the first place. Stupid real life. =)