Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things To Do

And boy, do I haz them.

Last summer, I had a little freak-out over not being able to write anything. Of course, I have those little freak-outs every time I finish up a manuscript. At first there's this feeling of accomplishment, and then one of relief. But then the panic sets in.

What if I don't have any more ideas?

Happens every time.

And it usually goes away.

Well, this past summer, it happened, and it lasted a lot longer than usual. True writer's block. As you know, I couldn't get past page 30. I managed to with one manuscript, and the entire story derailed in this spectacular, fiery crash that I still chuckle about. I let it happen and haven't had the guts to look at the wreckage since the crash. Maybe some day. But not yet. I just don't think I can stomach the carnage.

But, it did help to unblock me.

And how.

I now have four, count 'em, four WIP in various stages. One is a revise and resubmit, one is in the final polishing stage, and two have been written since September (and I'm having a sense of deja vu - I've told you about this, haven't I?) And one is a what-the-hell-was-I-thinking? project that I just started. As in last week. Oy.

Well, the revise and resub is just about finished. I'll finish the changes hopefully this week, put it aside until after the new year, and then reread it before sending it to my editor.

The one that's thisclose to being out the door - again, final polishing. Reread. Will be out the door in January. There's no point in sending it now, as the publishing world almost shuts down at this time of year. If there's one thing you learn in this business, it's patience. Trust me.

The other two? Well, there's a little more work (read: a lot more work) to be done. Tiger's Eyes is/was my NaNo novel. It has a beginning, part of a middle, and the ending. I'm about 35k words short of where it should be prior to the first rewrite. And it's the dreaded middle. Of course, I know where they are going, I just need to figure out an interesting way to get them there.

The second one was shelved right before NaNo, taken down right after I finished Tiger's Eyes, and finished as well. So, it was back onto the shelf (so to speak) until I finish After the Storm. It's next on the list to begin revisions.

And the newest, what-the-hell-was-I-thinking? project? It's under construction and the first draft won't be finished until early next year, and that's optimistically speaking.

Now, once I look beyond the world of writing, there is real life. Which, as we all know, tends to get in the way. So I've got a blanket I've got to finish (it's a Christmas gift and only about 50% done - so that is NOT good.)

I also have a nephew on the way - who will be getting blanket(s) as well. I have until February for that (please, please let him be on time or late!)

I have kids. They tend to mess up the most carefully laid plans, as those of you with kids know. But they're cute, so I let them live. For now. =)

I have Christmas shopping. Blech. 'Nuff said. Let's move on.

All in all, I have things to do on top of things to do. But I'd rather have four projects demanding my attention than none at all. By far the more preferable of the two options.


spyscribbler said...

NaNo helped unblock me, too. I was writing, but I was grinding away. In the last week of NaNo, the floodgates opened, and let me tell you, I was grateful!


Kim said...

Thanks - it's the worst feeling when you want to write, and nothing seems to be happening.
I'm glad it's over now =)