Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ah... December

Well, I caved in. I decorated my house for Christmas.

Normally, I don't do it this early, but for some reason, I just felt like decorating this morning. Maybe it's because we're finally settled in and I'm able to kind of relax and enjoy this holiday season. Last year, there were still a few boxes to unpack, and we still had stuff at the townhouse to go through and clean out. There was a lot more stress last year. Not so much this year.

No tree yet, though. I refuse to have a fake tree in my house (no offense to all you fake-tree lovers out there, of course.) My Christmas tree is real. Every year. And it's usually bought on the coldest, most miserable day possible (I don't know how we manage to arrange the weather to suck so badly, but somehow we do.) To me, there is nothing like the smell of Christmas tree to make me feel oh-so-Christmassy. I love how the pine smell just fills the house.... Ahhh...

At this time of year, I always have the urge to write a story that takes place at Christmas. I touched upon it in You Belong to Me - and had to remember that Christmas, 1789 was not the same as our modern day Christmas. It was fun to research the traditions (some were very similar, actually.) And every year, I think I'll write something that solely takes place at Christmas. But so far, I haven't gotten that perfect idea yet. Hopefully I will some day. We'll see.

I still have Christmas shopping to tackle, and baking to do - but it will all fall into place. It always does. I try not to stress too badly - it takes the fun out of the season. But, since I am making one gift (a blanket, what else?), and I'm only halfway done (I know, I know. But I will finish it), I'm going to be doing that most nights. That's the one thing that I will stress over. But never fear, I will finish it in time. I hope.

So for now, I will kick back, sip some Holiday tea (Celestial Seasonings put one out that is way yummy. Very strong on the cinnamon, but oh-so-tasty!), put on some Christmas music, and enjoy!


CJ Harley said...

I love real Christmas trees too, but unfortunately so does my tree climbing cat.

Brandi said...

I love real Christmas trees, but am so terried of a fire that I always do the fake. Maybe when the kids are older I'll go back to real, but for now...

Kim said...

Yes, we had cat problems for a while, but eventually, Casey (RIP) learned the tree was not her friend.

Brandi, if you make sure there's water in the base and not a whole lot of needles come off when you run your hand over a branch, you should be ok. I can certainly understand the fire concern - I made my husband leave a New Year's Eve party to drive home once (45 minutes one way) because I'd forgotten to unplug the tree lights and thought I'd barbecue the dog and the cat because the tree would catch fire. =)

Debi Kelly Van Cleave said...

I had to come over and see your blog because of the picture of Heat Miser you have on Absolute Write, because you're a Jersey Girl and you're somewhere around Giant's Stadium. I love Heat Miser, I am a Jersey Girl, though I live in Virginia now, and I met my husband in the Before and After in Moonachie (or maybe it was Rutherford).

Nice blog. Keep up the good work!