Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, 2008!

It's so hard to believe but the end of the year is here already. Yikes - the time went by fast, didn't it?

I hope it was a good year for you - I really can't complain. As I look back, I find it really wasn't so bad, despite some of my ranting at the time.

The Highlights -

1. We learned that the Boy is most likely not autistic. This is a biggie. This time last year, he wasn't speaking at all. He had horrible temper tantrums and screaming fits. We had him evaluated by NJ's Early Intervention Program, and he qualified for therapy. He began in March and I am beyond overjoyed to announce that the Boy who wouldn't even babble a year ago is now not only speaking, but speaking clearly (for the most part) and speaks in complete sentences. His therapy ended in October, and autism has been 99% ruled out. They don't know what caused his delay, but all are in agreement that, by the time he finishes the special preschool program he was recently accepted into, it will be almost impossible to tell he ever had any sort of developmental delays. Hearing him say "Mommy" for the first time was THE high point of 2008. And hearing him wish everyone a "Merry Christmas" is the second. Since this time last year, I've learned so much about autism and so much about my son and myself, it's been a rollercoaster ride for us, but so worth it. And it would have been worth it if the result had been different. I learned that no matter what, I wouldn't trade my son for anything in the world and I learned that I wouldn't change him for anything, either. He's my Boy and that's all there is to it.

2. I had two releases this year, with two different publishers. Each book did rather well, and I'm pretty proud of them. Hopefully, next year will hold more of the same!

3. I quit smoking - and this time, I think I can say I'm officially an ex-smoker. I quit back in June and haven't had so much as puff since. It's been tempting at times to chuck it all, but I think this time, I just might make it. Whew.

So even though these aren't the only ups, they were the best of the best. It's been a busy year, a productive year, and all around a pretty good year. I look forward to 2009 and all that it will hold for me and my family, and for everyone out there. Hopefully it will be even better than 2008!

Happy New Year and see you in '09!


Marian said...

Congratulations on all of it, Kim. :) Your son's progress, the publications, the smoke-free state and on just being a great online person to know. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!

Kim said...

Thank you! Hopefully 2009 will be a year to remember (in the best of ways) for all of us!