Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still No Response

I sent an email to my computer/web guy on Monday morning to alert him to the fact that my website has been suspended. I asked how I go about securing my domain name until I am ready to use it. And I've yet to receive a response.

Tell me, am I being unreasonable?

Is it too much to ask that he answer one question? One little, teensy, very-politely worded question?

Apparently so.

Hmm... I'm also in the process of trying to get rights to two of my books reverted back. I've been emailing the publisher since, oh... let's see... October... about getting them back. I've been told the rights will revert. I have asked for something in writing saying that, as of such-and-such a date, the rights reverted back to me. And what have I received so far?


I've sent requests to various website designers to get quotes. I contacted four. I've heard back from one, asking me to be a little more specific about my needs. No problem. I sent her back what I was looking for and we'll see what she comes back with. One quoted me a price so high I almost fainted.

The other two?


What IS it with these so-called "professional" people who can't be bothered with responding to their email? Why is it so much to ask that they just reply?

If they are slowing up for the holidays, I can understand that - but a simple autoresponse saying such a thing would be nice. At least let me know someone will eventually be in touch with me.

The publisher I can deal with - I have all the time in the world to nag them to death. But this computer guy's really teeing me off. One. Simple. Question. And like I said, my domain name and my website mean jack squat to him, but they mean something to me. Not to mention, it's just rude to not reply.


So far, I'm learning html code. I'm learning CSS. It's all pretty cool. We'll have to see if I actually have the skills to create my own website. If not, I might have to see about getting a template from someone else and working with that. But that will lead to a million more questions. That is, a million more than I already have. But at least I know I will always reply to myself.

And really, I don't have the time or the patience to chase after these people. I'm sick of having to do that. Ugh, now I'm just bumming myself out.

Oooh, new email. Do I dare hope it's a --gasp-- reply???


Karenne said...

I am so sorry that you are having that problem! Especially this time of year!

I hope things get better soon!

spyscribbler said...

Go to and buy your domains. (If he let it expire, then you'll have to wait thirty or sixty days or something, if you have no contact information to renew it yourself.)

Good luck!

Kim said...

Thanks! Actually, my web guy DID get in touch with me last night and we're working together to get my site up and running again. It's now up, but it's hopelessly outdated. Hopefully that will change real soon, though! =)