Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Website Woes, Lazy Susans, and Red Food Coloring (yes, it's THAT kind of post!)

So, as my website woes continue, I am becoming a computer geek. I went out and bought myself an HTML for Dummies book and, little by little, I am learning how to write lines of code to produce one line on a web page. It's been fun, a little frustrating, but I'm muddling through. Of course, I wouldn't have to be doing this is my computer/web guy didn't suck so much. I sent him an email two days ago, basically asking him how I re-register my domain name so I don't lose it. Two days ago. A simple question and yet he hasn't bothered to reply. Now, I know my little website isn't important to him, he has other clients (though if he treats them all this way, I have to wonder how that's even possible.) But, it IS important to me and it's pissing me off that I have yet another supposed professional that I have to hunt down.

I will learn how to do this and someday, I will look back and laugh.

Yeah right.

And so we segue into the lazy Susans.

My kitchen has two. And the Boy likes to climb. He's discovered that he can climb the lazy Susans.


I've caught him "cleaning" the counters with dishwashing detergent. "Washing" his hands with hand lotion. He sprayed his hair with Pam (which is fun to wash out, let me tell you). There's pepper all over the place. And I think he's now addicted to vanilla extract.*

But wait, the fun only gets better.

The Girl and I made Christmas cookies over the weekend.

Candy cane cookies.

Well, sort-of Candy cane cookies. They're more like candy-cane-on-steroids-cookies. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Anyway, candy canes are red and white, right? So, guess what makes them red? If you said red food coloring, you are right! If you said anything else - WTF are you cooking with???

So, the Boy likes to climb. He likes to climb the Lazy Susans. And he likes the cabinets.

And it turns out, he is utterly fascinated by the red food coloring.


I scrubbed red off me. Off him. Off the counter. Off the cabinets.

I just hope I got it all.

Yes, yesterday was tons of fun. The red food coloring makes the pain in the ass, can't be bothered to reply computer guy seem like a stroll through the park.

And today? Back to the code. And I'll be getting the Boy a new pair of shoes. Oh, and it snowed last night, so the neighborhood looks pretty. And when is all said and done?

I will have a website. Oh yes. I will.

*I'm only kidding about the vanilla thing. Really. =)


Mary B said...

I can haz pikchurs plz?


Kim said...

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures (damn it!). I mean, I can get him up on the counter again (no problem there - he spends half his life scaling things) but the red food coloring might be a bit difficult! =)

consumerista said...

Aww. That reminds me of Art Linkletter and 'Kids Say (in this case, DO!) the Darndest Things'!

x AJ

Kim said...

We literally can't turn our backs on him for a minute. He climbs on everything, has this thing for the phone (he's called everyone, including 911)...

And someday, I will actually miss this.. =)