Monday, December 15, 2008

Website Woes, Part... I've Lost Count

Just an FYI - my website is beyond static right now. It's suspended and I am in the process of switching from my old computer/website guy (who is not exactly keen on keeping me in the loop as far as MY website goes, which is why - surprise surprise - I am looking for a new one) to a new designer. I don't know how long it will take, but hopefully not TOO long. I have toyed with the idea of designing one myself, but I don't know much about webpage design, so any tips, hints, recommendations or ideas would be welcome and greatly appreciated! =)

I know once before I'd complained about the computer/website guy - but I honestly thought we'd worked out the kinks since he fired the guy who actually did my website. Hindsight 20/20 though. I have to admit, I would have liked a little notice that my renewal was due - but you see, the computer/website guy seems to think it's more fun to just kind of let me - yanno - stumble upon it myself. Oh yes. Absolutely and total joy.

So we shall part ways, my computer/website guy and me. I was hoping to put it off until after the beginning of the year but now... well, seeing as how I have no website now, I guess I can't really procrastinate on that. How aggravating, really, when I think about all of the other things on my desk that need my attention. Hmm... maybe I should just design the thing myself. I don't know - seems kind of scary to me. I have a nasty little habit of getting into trouble with technology - just see the sheer number of technology rants in my post list.

And now I will wait - I've already contacted a few places to get quotes, so we'll see how that goes. I may end up doing it myself anyway. Heh heh... why does that scare me?


CJ Harley said...

Good luck Kim. I'm sure that you'll find a good company to do business with. I hope that you'll find a design that you love too.

spyscribbler said...

I've enjoyed learning it myself. It activates the "crafty" person in me. Although I haven't done crafts in YEARS, it's the same type of enjoyment. With a good dose of frustration, but I'm glad I've learned. :-)

Good luck!

Kim said...

So far, it's been interesting, trying to learn. We'll see what happens in the end, though... Every time I think, "What's the worst that could happen?" It usually does. =)