Friday, January 16, 2009

A Short Post

Because I am in a lot of pain. I tweaked my back something terrible yesterday, and sitting at my desk is not exactly the most comfortable place in the world for me. So this will be short and sweet -

The other day, I did a post about villains, and why I love writing them (and reading them) and it occurred to me that the flawed hero is equally appealing, because perfect people A) don't exist and B) would be boring if they did. A flawed heroine is also appealing, for the same reasons.

But what could make a flawed character too flawed? What crossed the line from flawed to unsalvageable? What would make them irredeemable? What would make a reader absolutely despise them?

There are the obvious ones, of course, but I wonder - what subtle flaws would make you as a reader, want to throw the book across the room?

Help me out here and let me know what you think? I'm going to mull it over myself this weekend and hopefully, by Monday, I'll have a post on it. And with any luck, I'll be able to sit in my desk chair long enough to type it out.


Kathy said...

Interesting question you pose. All I can think of is for me I just have to be able to identify with the main character(s). If I can't, that will probably make me toss the book aside.

As an example, in the film The Women(don't know if there is also a book), Annette Bening's character was not likable at first. She was very snobbish and rude to people. I almost stopped watching because of that. I don't like people who act that way.

cindystubbs said...

Make me toss a book?
A villian who was a rapist of course would cause be to hate him toooo much.
One of those guys who talk about women and laugh at them and talk about them as though they were five years old and stupid.
Oh yes a villian could be a woman.
A woman who gave not a thought to her children.There is nothing worse than a mother who seems unconsious of the fact that she should be taking care of her children. This lack of maternal instinct though it does exist, repulses me.
Too much is a man who bullies a woman because she was "asking for it" You know what I mean.