Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a Week...

I promise, I will get back to regular blogging someday. Honest. But the last two weeks have been majorly sucky and my time seems to just kind of go poof! And before I know it, it's time for me to go to sleep.

I tweaked my back again last week - cleaning the stupid gerbil tank. Then my husband, who knew I was going to clean the tank - and for the benefit of those of you who weren't in my house last Saturday - here is a recap:

Him: What do you need that for? (points to Hefty bag in my hand)

Me: I'm going up to clean out the boys' tank,

Him: I thought you only had to do that every two weeks?

Me: Well, you do usually - but there are four gerbils in one tank, and it kind of smells a little. Might as well empty it.

Him: Oh. Okay.

Now mind you, this is a big 20-gallon tank. A heavy 20 gallon tank. An awkward 20-gallon tank.

And I am dumb.

So after the Girl and I corral the gerbils into their little tiny travel box, it's time to tackle the tank.

I pick it up and **owowowowowowowowowow**

Back. Hurts. Ow.

But the tank won't clean itself.

And I am dumb.

Did I mention that?

So I clean the tank. It's easy, really. Dump out the fluff, (CareFresh bedding - great stuff if you have gerbils or hamsters) wipe out any leftover fluff with a damp paper towel. Replace fluff with fresh fluff (I try to do blue for the boys and pink for Eddie - who's a girl - but it doesn't always work out. Right now, they have a blend of pink and purple. They don't complain, so I guess they like it.)

By now, I'm walking bent at a 45 degree angle. My. Back. HURTS.

Put refill the fluff. (ow) Put the toys back. (ow) Get fresh water. (ow) Give them food. (ow)

And now, I look over at Eddie's tank. It's small - 5-gallons. Light. Or, as light as a 5-gallon tank can be.

So what do you think I do?

Remember, I am dumb.

By the time I finished cleaning her tank, I can barely move. But I am dumb, so I pick up the now-full Hefty bag (thank GOD the fluff weighed almost nothing or else I might have cried the entire way back down to throw it out.)

I gimp into the family room, (2 floors down) and I am shuffling along, like my feet were tied together.

Husband looks up at me.

Him: What's with you.

Me: (owowowowow) I hurt my back again.

Him: Why didn't you ask me to empty the tanks?

Me: **POOF** (head exploding)


Him: Oh.

So, at 7:30PM, I was in bed, watching Season Five (or maybe six, I don't really remember) of M*A*S*H, heating pad on, Tylenol working its way through my system.

It's feeling better now, thank God.

But I'm still waiting for my web guy to send me the files I need to take over my website. I've been waiting since last Saturday. How many emails does one person need to receive to figure out that I'd really like a reply and I'd really like those freakin' files? THIS is why I'm chancing doing this website thing myself. Am I overreacting or is this just insanity? Am I asking that much - that he actually reply to me in a timely manner? I think over a week is not exactly timely. Grrr... I get ticked just thinking about it. I can't wait until this is all behind me...

And so, that was my week. Busy. Sore. And I am sooooo not getting near those gerbil tanks at all this weekend.

So, I will return to regular blogging in the next week or so.

Or so I hope.

Oh, and one little reminder - There's a great contest coming up over on my editor's blog right here. It'll run from February 1-14 - with excerpts and great prizes. So go over and check it out and look for my excerpt on February 6!

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