Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Beyond Frustrating

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you know at least a little something about the ongoing saga of my website and why my (hopefully) soon to be ex-web guy drives me to drink. I seriously wonder how this guy can possibly still be in business. If he returns emails to everyone the way he returns mine (which is to say, he doesn't in anything remotely resembling a timely fashion), it defies all logic.

The saga began in mid-December, when my website was, once again, no longer accessible. It took me almost two weeks of emailing him to get that resolved. That's when I decided (since having to chase this fool down is SOP) I would rather have the headache of doing the website myself than the migraine of chasing this fool down.

And so it began, on January 2. It took me days to get a response each time I had to email him about something. I got the file transfer protocol thingie loaded on my machine - had a problem with it, emailed him about it. I never heard back, despite several emails. Finally, by sheer, dumb luck, I stumbled across the answer to the problem myself and fixed it. Still no word from web guy.

The last time I've heard from him was January 24. My most recent (and decidedly testier) email went out on February 6. Still no word. I've gotten a hosting account, the FTP, and everything else ready. All I need is him to give me the freakin' files.

Have I heard anything?


Okay, is it me? Am I being too demanding? Am I out of line in thinking that it should never take this much time and/or aggravation to get something that belongs to me in the first place? I know I'm not the most patient person in the world, but I think I've been pretty relaxed about this whole nightmare and now, I'm getting pissed off. Am I overreacting?

This is so beyond ridiculous that I can actually feel my blood pressure rise at the thought alone. Am I asking so much, that he not take two or three weeks to answer an email?

I can not wait for this to be over with and to tell this fool where he can go. I've had it. I'm sick of chasing him down and hounding him to get responses. If this is his idea of professionalism, it goes beyond sucking.

Okay, rant over. I feel better. And on a happier note, don't forget to check out the Valentine's Contest over at Editortera's Blog!


Brandi said...

Darlin you have to find you a new web guy! Or take a class so you can do it yourself. It shouldn't be that hard to get an answer from someone you have hired to do a job!

Kim said...

You said it! I finally got him to reply and I'm thisclose to being completely on my own with this. I've got my Dummies book and I'm ready to go. Thank God! =)