Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Really Over Now

Adventures with Web Guy has, officially, come to its (long overdue) end.

My domain name is really and truly mine.

It is registered under MY name.

My web site now belongs to me.

It is fresh and new and current and will hopefully be coming to a computer near you within the next day or so.


I've been having fun designing my new site - it isn't fancy or anything, but it looks nice (I think) and, most of all, it's up to date. Finally. I think it was about two years out of date because trying to get updates done in a timely manner was really more hassle than it was worth. Web Guy was expensive and aggravating and those two never mix well, at least not for me.

So, I'll post an announcement when the site is live (should be anytime in the next 24 hours or so.) Who knows, maybe I'll run a contest to celebrate my new site. Until then, it's time to get back to writing, which has been woefully neglected in the website mess. I also owe all of you a huge thank you for all of the advice and support you've offered through this whole website nonsense. It's been therapeutic, being able to vent here, and I've received a lot of wonderful advice in return. So for that, thank you.

Now that I won't have Web Guy irritation, I can finish the final revisions that I thought I'd have done by now. Man, I ought to send Web Guy a bill for the lost writing time due to web issues. But you know what? I'm done with him and that is payment enough, right? Come - do the happy dance with me, won't you?


Brandi said...

Happy dancing with you! Can't wait to see the new site!

Kim said...

Hopefully soon... I don't know what's taking so long for it to come up...