Sunday, May 03, 2009

Rain, Rain... Go AWAY!

I hate rain.

No, wait... That's not entirely true. I like it at night. There's something soothing about listening to it as I fall asleep. And if there's a bit of a breeze, even better.

It's rain during the day that I hate. And it's been raining here since Friday. According to the forecast in the newspaper, it's going to rain until Thursday. Maybe longer, since our paper's forecast only runs through Thursday. But it's sucking the will to live right out of me. My mood gets grouchier with each gray, damp day. The kids are cooped up inside (which means they are doing their best to kill each other and make me crazy in the process.) The dog needs to be walked, which means I'm out lapping the block like a fool until she finds the perfect spot (because if it ain't perfect, she ain't doing her business and I ain't going inside any time soon.)

However, there is a plus side and that is that I'm making progress on To Dance with the Devil. It's slow going, because I have to lay out all the information very slowly and Jason (the hero) is a very complex man, so fleshing him out is a bit draining, to say the least. Victoria (heroine) has problems of her own, but she's a bit easier to write because her baggage isn't quite as heavy as Jason's. I'm about 27k words into it, gearing up to the first major plot turning point, so things should pick up. The first of two planned villains will be making his debut in the next fifty pages or so, and then the real villain is going to get into gear and get motivated. By then, things should really start happening. Or so I hope. We'll see.

So, even though it looks like it's going to rain for the next forty days and forty nights (and I swear, if I see animals marching by, two by two, I'm really going to freak) I will hopefully make the most of it and get a lot of writing done. Either that or I'll go completely nuts. Either way, it will alleviate some of the dull, dreariness of this weather.

At least, I hope it will.

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