Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lookin' Up

Whoops! I started this post yesterday, but then got distracted and, what do you know? I kind of forgot about it. Sorry about that.

So, it's gray and rainy here. It's been gray and rainy since.... May, I think. I hate this weather because it makes me feel all gray and rainy and crabby and all that other fun, happy nonsense.

On the other hand, being forced to remain inside has been good for my muse. She is happily humming along in the background, whispering story ideas and plot points for stories that I thought were going to die a slow, lingering death on my hard drive. Yay for the muse!

Okay, yes, Angel of Darkness is still kind of stalled. I managed to write another 1000 words, but I'll probably end up taking them back out. Still, it's better than nothing, right? I think there are too many love scenes (Gabriel and Regan are wiped out, I tells ya!), and I need to go back and flesh out some earlier details. Then I can write the ending and put it away for a while. Whew... It's almost like giving birth. Almost.

Tiger Eyes is back up and running. Now that I've pretty much thrown out the outline for it, it's been easier to get the story out. The only trouble I've run into is forgetting little details that took place earlier in the story, and being the genius that I am, I neglected to write down. But that's hardly a big deal, really. It just means I have to flip through the printout. I'm trying hard not to edit as I go, since I just want to get the first draft finished, but sometimes it's very difficult to resist. It's kind of funny, as I was looking through the original outline, you should only know how many **facepalms** there were. It's amazing, really, how something I thought was brilliant (okay, maybe not exactly brilliant, but I thought it was good at the time) becomes so utterly stupid a few months later. What the hell was I thinking?!?! has gone through my mind more than once. So, the outline goes completely. And the story is cruising along on it's own. Outline? I don't need no stupid, stinkin' outline!

So, that's that - things are lookin' up, writing-wise. I've got plenty to keep me busy, probably for the better part of the summer. And that's always a good thing!

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