Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life and Stuff

So, it's been a rather hectic week in the world of me. I mean, like stop the world, I want to get off kind of hectic. And it isn't slowing down just yet.

I don't remember if I blogged about it at the time or not, and truth be told, I'm far too lazy to comb through the Old Posts' Home to see, so I'm going to assume I did, and do a real quick recap. (Stops to take breath)

In the summer of 2007, my husband was hospitalized for a month for diverticulitis. When antibiotics didn't work, he had to have what's called a colon resection (ick), which basically means several inches of infected intestine (double ick) was removed.

Fast forward to spring, 2009, when he notices an odd little bulge where the incision was made. At his yearly appointment with his internist-type-doctor, he asks. An ultrasound later, he's told he has an umbilical hernia. And, oh yeah, his gall bladder (which we knew would eventually need to be removed) isn't looking so hot either.

Fast forward to last Friday - the verdict: He needs surgery. And his surgeon can do it on Tuesday (June 16).

Fast forward to yesterday - up at 5AM (oh. my. god. waytoofrickinearlyforanyhumantobeawake!!!) to go to the hospital for 6. At 7:30, he's taken in for surgery. Turns out he didn't have an umbilical hernia. He's, apparently, just kind of lumpy naturally. Okay, not too bad. His gall bladder was a mess, so it's good it was removed. Long story made a little shorter? He's going to be good as new in time. Yay!

So, now he's sleeping. I have kids to get off to school, a dog to walk, two books to finish writing, and one undergoing revisions. I have an interview to do. And real life to deal with. Ugh.

This morning is my son's preschool graduation, which is kind of funny because A) he'll be in the same class next year (well, he's doing a summer session as well, since he only began in January. He's looking forward to it, though) and B) their school year doesn't end until Friday.

And I have to get Munchkins for the class picnic. It should be fun, and hopefully not too crowded. His class is small, but I don't know how many classes there are. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

So, it looks as though I'll have enough to keep me busy until sometime late summer, early fall. And who knows, maybe by then I'll even have a little good news to share....


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Wow, how do you keep it all together? Impressive.

Lunatic said...

lmao! One of our dogs loves to wake me up at 5 to take her out. I grumble in just about the same manner. If she wasn't so damn cute, I'd force her to pee on the rug and then beat her for it.


Kim said...

I usually operate in a state of (barely) controlled chaos - my office always looks like a hurricane blew through it. ;)

The dog is usually okay - but when she wants up, she wants up NOW!