Friday, June 19, 2009


Well almost summer, anyway. It's close enough - though you'd never know it by the long-sleeved shirt I had on yesterday. It's been cold. And rainy. And I mean like rainy rainy. It used to be that, after a rain storm, my driveway would be littered with worms (ick). But we've had so much rain in the last three+ weeks, that there are no more earthworms. I don't know if they've been washed away or if they've drowned because of all this frickin' rain, but they are gone. I just hope it's only temporary because, though they are icky, they keep the ground healthy. My house (actually the entire development) is built on swampy-type land, so we need to keep it as healthy as possible so nothing sinks. At least, I think we do.


It's almost summer (yay!), and today is the Boy's last day of school. (not so yay, really) Tuesday is the Girl's last day. Then it begins... rest and relaxation.

For three weeks, anyway.

The Boy, as you know (or maybe you don't know, but don't worry, I'll explain) has been in a special preschool for kids with different types of developmental delays from autism to delays of unknown origins (the Boy) and he loves it. He started late (January), so when we found out there is a summer session as well, we jumped on it. He's come so far and benefited so much, it would be foolish to take the chance of him backsliding.

It begins after July 4th, and runs through the middle of August, so I'll go back to getting up way earlier than any human should be allowed to by law (I'm soooo not a morning person!)

Aside from that, summer means relaxing by the pool (if the rain ever stays away for more than a day or two at a clip) and playing with the kids, and maybe a trip or two down the shore. And, of course, my WIPs. Ahh.... life is good.

It really is.

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