Monday, October 05, 2009

Another Monday...

And I'm back!

I didn't post on Thursday because what I wanted to post, I just couldn't get to (trust me, it'll make sense in a moment.)

I didn't post on Friday because I was running around trying to find a babysitter because mine BAILED on me at the last minute, and the hubs and I had Springsteen tickets. My mom, the hubs, and I were supposed to go with my brother, his wife, and her brother. So, after some heated arguing over who would stay home with the kids - my mom pulled out the Because I'm your mother and I say so card and won the argument. Or lost it, depending on how you look at it. She sacrificed her ticket (to the Girl - who was thrilled beyond all rational reason to get to see Bruce in concert. She loves him almost as much as I do.)

So come Friday night, me, the hubs, and the Girl (and my brother, his wife, and her brother) were all at Giants Stadium. The concert kicked some serious ass, as Bruce did Darkness on the Edge of Town in its entirety, along with about 20 other songs (including some I thought I'd never get to see him do live.) The rain held off until just before the encore, and even when it fell, no one cared. It was Bruce. It was the Meadowlands. It was awesome!!!! And there is no way I can ever thank my mom - she's the best, she really is.

And that brings me back to why I couldn't post on Thursday.

I received a wonderful review from Coffee Time Romances and More, only some jerk(s) hacked into their system (really, some people need to get out of mom's basement and get a life) and my security software wouldn't let me see the site, so I couldn't link to it.

Here's part of it:

You Belong to Me is a whirlwind of a book. There are so many diverse emotions in this fast-paced book that I was captivated with everything encasing Brenna. Kimberly Nee immediately pulls this reader into the story. I was mesmerized with the whole setting and could share in the pain inflicted on Brenna. I wanted to reach out and console her. The storyline is absolutely real and breathtaking. It was evident that Tony went out of his way to show Brenna how to trust again. The two have incredible energy that slices deep within the pages in this overpoweringly addictive read.

And the rest of the review is right here. Yay!

It's nice to start off the week with a little good news, isn't it?

And now, it's time for me to get to work. Tiger Eyes is thisclose to being ready to go out the door, and I want it off my desk. Now.

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