Friday, December 04, 2009


And I mean it. It's been such a looong week, I'm glad to see it finally come to a close (and that I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow!)

I'm still gimping around. My knee's still a little swollen, and has turned some very pretty colors (shades of blue and purple I didn't even know existed!) I was moving around better yesterday but (and you knew there had to be a but, right??) since my husband had a class last night, I had to walk the dog.

Big mistake.

And now I'm right back where I was Tuesday. Yay.

So, I'll be spending a good part of today with my leg up and icing my knee. Yay.

Some sad news to report...

No, not sad in the You are sooooo gonna cry when you read this sort of way, but sad in the My-baby's-not-a-baby-anymore kind of way.

We moved the Boy from his crib to a Big-Boy bed yesterday.


Okay, so we really didn't move him into a new bed, but his crib converts into a toddler day bed by removing the drop side. That's what we did. So it's the same bed, just with a new look.

Sniffle - they grow up so fast!

He is thrilled with it, so excited to sleep in "my big-boy bed!!" and he picked out his new bedding set, Toy Story. Thank God there's a new Toy Story movie coming out in June, which means there is Toy Story merchandise all over the place. He just recently discovered the movie, and as he neared being totally housebroken (victory is ours!!), he got both a Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy Woody as well. I think it's replaced Cars as his favorite and I'm wondering if this means I'll be scouring teh intarwebz next October trying to find a Buzz (or Woody) birthday cake to make... Oy.

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