Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is It Spring Yet?

Because I am really sick of the cold.

Normally, I'm a huge fan of the cool weather - spring and fall are my favorite seasons, and I despise NJ summers. I swear my people must have come from Ireland in the cold months because there is no way they stepped off the boat in the middle of July, looked around, and said, "YES! This is the place!" Not. Possible.

But for some reason, this winter seems endless. Maybe because it got very cold very fast, and has pretty much stayed that way (though, on Monday, the temp was in the fifties, so it was like a mini-heatwave!), but I am sooooo ready for the cold weather to be over with, and there's still what? eight weeks left?


So, as I sit here in my office, looking out at the nekkid tree branches, and seeing the snow (finally) melted away, all I can think about is opening the windows and feeling warm air. I'm sick of cold, sick of ice, sick of my hair being all static-y, and sick of having to wear gloves and earwarmers when I walk the dog.

So, is it spring yet?


Ashley Ladd said...

I probably sound crazy, but I miss snow. We've been in Florida twenty one years. My youngest is jealous of his older siblings because they've seen real snow and he hasn't. Believe it or not, endless summer gets boring, too.

Kim said...

I'd probably miss the cold if I lived somewhere warm. It also makes me appreciate the warm when it gets here! :D