Monday, January 25, 2010


Some things are the same - I just sent off the final draft of Tiger Eyes to my Samhain editor. Keep your fingers crossed on that. I'm just kind of glad to get it off my desk. Whew!

But this change has nothing to do with writing. I took the plunge today and got my hair cut.

Now, I don't mean I had it trimmed. I mean, I had it cut. With a capital C.

Nearly ten inches. Lopped off.

It's the first time my hair's been this short in over 30 years.

I like it.

I think.

I'm still getting used to it.

But it was a change that was a long time coming. I just got to the point where really long hair was such a pain in the backside, and I wanted to take a break. It still feels kind of weird, no hair on my shoulders, or on the back of my neck. But it looks cute. I think I'll adjust just fine.

And if not? My hair grows fast. By summer, I'll be kvetching about what a pain it is.

Or maybe I'll go shorter...

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