Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's Up???

That kind of describes the revision process - for me, anyway. The first draft isn't ugly, it's FUGLY, and my goal is to pretty it up. Then the next draft (hopefully) is a little less fugly. And so on, and so on. Until that magic moment when - aha! - it's pretty enough to go to the ball (aka - submitted to the editor.)

So now I'm waiting to hear back, which isn't easy and leads to idiocy like checking the email every ten seconds, starting 30 seconds after I hit the send button, and ending when... well, we'll talk about that another time.

And while I'm waiting (I've got two other projects stewing at the moment. I like to let the drafts sit for a week or so between revisions so I can look at it with fresh eyes), I was hit with inspiration. Yay! A new project.

This time, I'm going to try the whole outlining thing. I know, I've tried it before and it never works, but I have a good feeling this time. Right now, I'm at the roughing out the story stage, and will move into research soon. It takes place in the Old West, so if anyone out there can recommend a good research book having to do with the Old West, I'd love you to let me know about it. I'm starting at Wikipedia and will work outward from there once I have a list of resources, but any and all suggestions would be helpful!

Please and thank you! :D

Oh, and I'm still mulling over just how I feel about RWA's most recent announcement regarding the disaster Harlequin Enterprises created last fall when they opened their vanity publishing arm and started steering their rejected manuscripts toward it. I'm looking into all the info and should have something to say about it soon!


Jen said...

Sorry I don't have any good resource books to recommend, but I have to say that I LOLed very L at the LOL pic. Too funny!

Good luck with the subs, and the Sammie voting!

Kim said...

Thanks! The LOLcat cracked me up as well. I thought it was perfect for a post about revisions.