Monday, February 22, 2010


That's me. In addition to being sick for the last two weeks (and finally beginning to feel better,) I've been on a tear - revising two manuscripts that I am determined to get out the door by the beginning of March. Okay, to be honest, they probably won't go out until the middle to the end of March, but hey, it's good to have a goal, right?

I have so many projects on my desk, I have to finish them, or else I won't be able to start anything new and I have a few new ideas just burning holes in my brain, which isn't exactly comfortable, by the way. Plus, I get tired of reading and rereading the same stories. It's time to push them out of the nest and let them fly or crash and burn.

By the by, I recently had a new hard drive installed in my old Toshiba laptop. Can anyone recommend a decent antivirus program that 1) isn't Norton and 2) isn't crazy expensive? The one I have for my HP machine only covers one machine and LiveOneCare (what I had on the Toshiba) isn't available any more (and unlike this stupid anitvirus, LiveOneCare covered up to three machines.)

Please and thank you!


AstonWest said...

Good luck to you!

Hope you feel better soon...I just got over a nasty bit of something-that-was-not-just-a-cold-but-not-rough-enough-to-be-the-flu, and I wasn't able to even focus on writing. I'm envious...well, sort of. :-)

Kim said...

Thanks - it's finally starting to leave, but man, I am still all stuffy... Blech.