Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Be Read

Way back when, I used to read like crazy. Trips to the bookstore were a weekly occurrence. I read Gone With the Wind in two days. Grisham's The Firm? Two hours (no lie. It's a record that still stands.)

Unfortunately, I don't have the same time I had back then. I'm so busy with my own writing and revising that it kind of takes over everything else. And, I've found I don't quite enjoy it as much as I used to, because I no longer read as a reader, but as a writer. Reading as a writer definitely has its drawbacks - mainly, I notice things that are wrong in the book. Whether it be grammatical, spelling, logic errors or plotholes - things that used to escape my attention now scream at me when I read. Which takes some of the pleasure out of reading.

Combine the two, and the result is that my TBR (To Be Read) pile is out of control.

In that pile currently:

1. Last Words - George Carlin. My other half gave me this for my birthday. I'm about halfway through it some three months later. I'll probably have to start it over when I get the chance to reread it.

2. Seduce Me at Sunrise - Lisa Kleypas. I bought this one (even though I never finished Mine 'Til Midnight. I just couldn't get into that story) and I'm thisclose to finishing. Hopefully before spring because I also have...

3. Tempt Me at Twilight - another Kleypas' Hathaway novels. I hope to get to it... some day.

4. True Compass - Ted Kennedy. Another birthday gift from my other half. It's on my dresser, collecting dust.

5. The Yankee Years  - Tom Verducci and Joe Torre. I started reading this when it came out, but honestly, it's an awful book. It's BORING as hell and frankly, I wanted to throw it across the room when Verducci (using a knitting metaphor of all the WTFness) wrote "knit one, pearl two." Now, I'm a knitter, but even before I learned, even I knew it was PURL and NOT PEARL. Dolt. Look it up if you're going to use a phrase you don't really understand. I have no desire to finish this horrid book. Not even if Joe Torre himself came to my house to read it to me. Blech.


6.  Emma - Jane Austen. I know... I'm supposed to revere Jane Austen and all things Austen, but I don't. I've only read one book by her and I had to slog through it. But... I'm willing to try again. Eventually.

7. Inferno - Dante. Someday. I swear I'm going to read this damn book.

And that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.

So... what's in your TBR pile???


Wendy Sparrow said...

My TBR stack is HUGE too. Ugh. Writing, revising... and then, also, the internal editor has been annoyed with the recent books I've read. I keep finding sloppy writing and typos. UGH. My TBR immediately is "The Help" but I also have "Hunger Games" and "Maze Runner" waiting on me.

Kim said...

Doesn't it just drive you nuts??? I'm rereading To Catch a Mockingbird and all I can think is, the first chapter is so much backstory - and this is one of my favorite books ever! ;p