Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To everyone - even if you aren't Irish (though, everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!)

Once again, I apologize for being a lax blogger. Edits for After the Storm are pretty much eating up all my time at the moment. That and I'm readying Devil in Disguise to go out as well.

The other night, for some reason, I began thinking of a manuscript I wrote years ago and promptly trunked. Then, I took it out a few years later, rewrote part of it, and trunked it again. I don't know what made me think of it, but it popped into my head, and so, I had to resurrect it again.

Not an easy feat, by the way. The original was written two laptops ago and saved on disc somewhere. Over the years, a lot of the CDs have gotten shuffled from one jewel case to the other (those things are so flimsy, they break if you stare at them too hard), so of course, I had to go through most of them. Ugh.

But I found it. Yay! And printed it out. And am re-reading it in my spare time. Part of it isn't so bad. The other, however...

The funny thing about it is how dated some of it seems now. I wrote the original story back in the early '90s, and there are references to the Sony Discman, and not a cell phone to be found (until the first update, back when cell phones were a LOT bigger and you could only make and receive calls on them.) Not an iPod or smart phone in sight.

But the rest of the story was about 50-50 in terms of workable or trunk-it-forever. I like the general premise, but parts of it are roll-your-eyes-out-there. So who knows? Right now, I've got more than enough to work on, so when I'm finished reading, it will get filed away for now. But who knows what the future holds for it?

Anything's possible, right?

Oh, and to the person who left the comment saying they liked my articles - I had to delete your comment because it had what looked like a link in it. I think you've left comments before that also appeared to have links in them. I will reject anything with an unknown link it in, so if you want to comment, feel free - but remove any and all links, or they will be rejected.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

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