Thursday, May 20, 2010

Writing Again

So, I finished up Angel of Darkness. I finished up those damn edits **waves to AMP editor, just in case**. Now, you'd think I would take a few days off. Just kind of putz around. Enjoy some peace and quiet. Get back to work on the blankets I'm knitting for my nephew-to-be-named-later. He's due in August. I'm about 1/3rd of the way done with one, and about 1/10th of the way finished with the other one.

Am I putzing, relaxing, or knitting?


Again -


No, I'm not.

So, exactly what am I doing, you ask?



I've made three or four attempts at writing Aidrian's story. If you read Eden's Pass (and you have read it, right? And if you haven't... well... why not??? :D) - ahem -

If you read Eden's Pass, you might remember Aidrian from the end. Or you might not. After all, he was a newborn and had very little screen time.

Well, I planned on writing his story - came up with the idea last summer. But, other projects got in the way (and got sold, so really, I'm not complaining) so Aidrian and his story were shelved.

Until a few months ago, when ideas first began popping into my head. Only trouble was, none of those ideas got very far. I wrote out a few later scenes (including a couple of steamy hot love scenes), so I knew where the story had to do, I just didn't know how to get it there.

Until last week. I realized that Aidrian didn't belong with the heroine I'd created for him. Nope. But, then I stumbled upon the woman with whom he did belong. Since then, I've written nearly 10k word. Not bad. So, instead of putzing, relaxing, or knitting (and really, I'm running out of time with these blankets) - I've been pounding away at the keyboard.

Ah well... I'd rather have too many story ideas clamoring to get out, than not have any at all.

Or so I keep telling myself as I look at the too-big balls of yarn and too-small patches of already-knitted baby blankets.


Marguerite Butler said...

Here I was feeling all proud of my work level today. Now I feel like a slacker again!

Kim said...

Nah - I just get sick of everything piled up on my desk (cyber-speaking, of course)! :)